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Journey to 100 projects in my life

12. Daily Coding Challenge

Like the title mentioned. This challenge is my daily practice for Data Structures and Algorithms

11. AWS Deep Racer

Apply Reinforcement Learning with AWS Deep Racer Contest

10. CoronaGuru

Coronaguru Link: Slide: Managed a team of 4 students from Augustana College to create an A.I Chatbot to provide credible information about COVID-19 (Corona Virus) using NLP, Tensorflow, Google Cloud, Anvil, UI/UX design with…

9. Generative Art Robotic Arm

1-week Robotic Challenge Create a robotic arm that can draw generative art for final project in CSC-150 (Artful Computing) with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Python.

8. Dive into Deep Learning

Collaborating with Dr. Tiep Vu (Google’s Machine Learning Engineer) on translating the open-source book “Dive into Deep Learning” by scientists from Amazon. Github:

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