10. CoronaGuru

10. CoronaGuru

Coronaguru Link: http://coronaguru.tech/

Slide: https://my.visme.co/projects/010kw463-coronaguru

Managed a team of 4 students from Augustana College to create an A.I Chatbot to provide credible information about COVID-19 (Corona Virus) using NLP, Tensorflow, Google Cloud, Anvil, UI/UX design with Invision Studio and Fullstack Development.

Inspiration We made Corona virus for everyone to have update about the situation of the Corona virus without taking much time to go through lots of websites. The website has two main features: ChatBot and Live Update.

What it does For the ChatBot, people will chat with the CoronaGuru to get information about the Corona virus. It can be what the prevention is, what countries found new cases, or how many people got infected, etc. It also shows the chat history of the dialog if people want to go back and see what they have chat. For the live update, people will be linked to Johns Hopkins CSSE website to see the live map update of the virus around the world.


  1. We trained our NLP model with Google Cloud Platform
  2. We used anvil.works to run our python model
  3. We created our website with Domain.com
  4. We stored our database with mongoDB Atlas
  5. Challenges We have limited question data to train our NLP model about Corona Virus.
  6. Also, public internet makes it hard to train our model on the cloud.

Moreover, this is our first time to participate in a hackathon of Uncommon Hacks and MLH.


  1. We successfully trained out NLP model to flexibly answer questions about Corona Virus
  2. We have updated result data from WHO
  3. Our website has information live map update about Corona Virus
  4. Lessons We learn about a lot of new technology and how to apply them to create a meaningful project to help people.

Update: I have temporily turned the server off due to high maintainece fee. If you want a demo, feel free to email me.

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