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I'm a Computer Science Freshman at Augustana College. An intellectually curious and open-minded AI & Fullstack Engineer with strong team-work and product management skills. Experienced with Data Structures and Algorithms, Full-stack development (Javascript, React, React Native, RESTful API, Java, PHP, SQL), Software development (Swift, React Native, Java), Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Python and Tensorflow.

I'm looking to collaborate with a good team in Artificial Intelligence as a Software Engineer Intern.

My resume: https://bit.ly/2v0ZICu
Email: locvicvn1234@gmail.com


My Journeys

January, 2018 - Start over
From stratch, I started my gap years, dropped out of Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, seft-taught programming with Youtube tutorials, Github, and Stackoverflow, remade mobile games like Flappy Bird, Ninja Jump, Space Shooters. I'm grateful to have welcoming home from BKU dormitory.

July, 2018 - First start up project
After 6 months, together with 10 college students, I created my first startup project called Mind Your Neck.

October, 2018 - Journey to self-discovery
I lost my soulmate, who was also the co-founder of our startup. I stopped everything to recover from grief. During these time, I also learned more about different religions, mental health and beliefs.

December, 2019 - A new chapter
Overcoming stress, I managed to get scholatship to 5 different schools with the help of some of my most amazing mentors (chi Phoebe, anh Khai, anh Harry, Heidi). At the end, I choose Augustana College for my next journey, where I also became the first International students studying Honors Program.

January, 2019 - CoderSchool
I started my next journey with CoderSchool, where I studied Machine Learning and Fullstack Development.

April, 2019 - CPI (Career Pass Insititute)
I got admitted to Career Pass Insititute (CPI) - a professional community that embraces career opportunities for Vietnamese students in Unites States. I love this family.

July, 2019 - VSSR (Vietnam Summer Research School)
I joined a 4-day summer research school by Ph.D. from Harvard and Birhmingham University. This period of time was when I learned how to work with people from different fields. I wrote a blog about A.I after finishing the workshop.

July, 2019 - Sign Language Translator
I met my amazing friends from CoderSchool again and together we won AWS+AngelHack Hackathon with the product "Sign Language Translator with Deep Learning and Computer Vision".

November, 2019 - Data Structures and Algorithms
Applied what I have learned about Data Structures and Algorithms at BigO Coding, our team at Augustana College managed to get to top 15 Regional ACM-ICPC for the first time.

November, 2019 - Birthday Coding
My birthday: I flight all the way to Austin Texas to join one of the biggest tech conferences: DeveloperWeek. Yet, together with 4 like-minded friends along the way, we managed to win the conference's hackathon with the product "Portal".

November, 2019 - Augie's VSA
Supported logistics for VSA's Christmas and Pho-night. They were fun!

December, 2019 - Dive into Deep Learning
I supported Dr. Tiep Vu (Google’s Machine Learning Engineer) on translating the open-source book "Dive into Deep Learning" by scientists from Amazon.

December, 2019 - If I only have 24 hours in Chicago
My 24-hour trip trying to discover the most of Chicago (discovering hidden parts, subway, local food, museum with a couple from New York)

January, 2020 - Generative Art Robotic Arm
Self-taught robotic within 1 week to create a robotic arm that can draw for Artful Computing's final project

February, 2020 - Visiting Akwaaba
Had a chance to meet some of the most amazing friends from UWC and Macalester College. Had my first abroad Tet here!

February, 2020 - 3-month Commitment Goal
My plan to seek balance solution while studying at school and having an upcoming start-up project

February, 2020 - Volunteer at Admission Office
It was delightful to be able to help the admission office and the Honors Program with my experience at Augustana College

February, 2020 - The Uncommon Chicago
I managed a team of 4 students from Augustana College to create CoronaGuru - an A.I Chatbot to provide credible information about COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

March, 2020 - Fast and Furious
Together with Nick, Jesse, and Alyssa from Augustana College, we won top 3 Amazon AWS Deep Racer - A Reinforcement Learning contest with self-driving car

March, 2020 - Face the fears
My spring break plan (stay tuned)

September, 2020 - Learning Tribe
My upcoming startup project (stay tuned)

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